Basic Bouquet Care

Getting the longest vase life from your flowers.

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You can get quite a few days from your flowers just by plopping them in a vase and admiring them. But, if you're hoping for a bouquet with staying power, I have a few tips for you!

  • Keep your bouquet out of direct sunlight! Windowsill isn't a great choice. They will last longer in a cool environment.

  • Fruits and veggies that are hanging out on your counter and table release small amounts of Ethylene. This gas can actually spoil your blooms pretty quickly so be sure to keep some distance!

  • Your vase should be clean enough you'd be willing to drink from it. Bacteria in dirty vases will grow rapidly, flowers don't like bacteria. Also, avoid metal vases as these can create a pH in the water that's not flower friendly.

  • Every couple days refresh your water and cut your stems. Cutting a bit off the ends will get rid of any clogged stems and give the blooms a chance to drink more readily.

  • Some flowers have vase lives that are longer than others, be sure to pick out any flowers that are past their prime as they will also release Ethylene gas.

  • Your packets of basic flower food will be plenty. There's lots of "tricks" out there like adding pennies, bleach, or Sprite to your water but your flower food is formulated specifically to extend the life of your bouquet.

  • Make sure there are no leaves hanging out below the waterline. Leaves that are submerged in your vase water are going to rot, rotting leads to bacteria, and well...we've already learned flowers aren't really into that. 

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