Lovers of farm life and cultivators of beauty.


We're a family of 5 living our best life here on our NY farm with our menagerie of animals and of course, all our flowers. We've become passionate believers in sharing the things that make us happy, and growing things allows us to do just that! There's nothing quite like the look on someones face when you hand them a fragrant bunch of fresh cut blooms. Our love of flowers is deep rooted in the connection it gives us; to each other, to nature, and of course...to you. We're glad you're here.


Hard work and big dreams could sum us up as a pair. Each and every wild idea is met with a plan of action. And this adventure is no different! What started as a desire to teach our kids about growing sustainable and seasonal crops has evolved into a dream of sharing beauty and spreading joy with our flowers. We've found happiness, connection, and honestly - some frustration! Through it all though we're committed to the big picture and cultivating things far greater than a few plants.


These three beautiful souls are the backbone of what we do here. They are the why, the how, and (most of the time) the when. They all share an affinity for this life. The hard work and messes don't deter them while the freedom and dirt call to them. Untamed and nontraditional, these kiddos breathe life into a lifestyle that would otherwise be average.

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West River Road

Nichols, NY 13812

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